DMX Life Coaches' Challenge System
This incredible program has what no other does! The "celebrity weight loss secret" of Life Coaches AND neurotransmitter precursors that help your body create "serotonin" for mood enhancement! Here's an overview of everything the DMX Life Coaches' Challenge offers:

 ■ DMX Meal Replacement Shake - This whey protein shake is low in calories and carbohydrates. It provides an excellent base for a meal replacement. It's functional food (pre-digested) and is only 62 calories. It's delicious with water and ice, but low calorie to allow you to use it as a base for a tempting smoothie. This meal replacement ensures you get a base of well-balanced nutrients that are often lacking in a standard diet.

■ DMX Appetite Control - These capsules are formulated to enhance mood and curb carb cravings by the inclusion of "neurotransmitter precursors;" that is, the building blocks to the chemicals our bodies need (like dopamine and serotonin) to feel good and satisfied.

■ DMX Aloe Herbal Cleanse - This cleanse is designed to work gently and naturally to detoxify the gut. Once the preservatives and chemicals that make your system sluggish are disposed of, your body is better able to metabolize what you consume. It's been proven that your body will respond better to a diet after you use an effective cleanse.

■ Lights Off™ - This nighttime powdered drink mix is formulated to promote deep relaxation followed by restorative sleep. Lights Off™ helps you de-stress and truly relax. It also helps you sleep soundly and wake renewed with no sluggish or groggy feeling. Proper rest and nutrition help you feel your best during your diet.

■ Lights On™- This daytime powdered drink mix is formulated to improve focus and mental clarity. Lights On™ contains an array of healthy ingredients shown to help maintain focus, support memory function and promote optimal mental performance. Added benefits include natural glucosamine for joint support and extraordinary botanicals and vitamins for smooth energy. Your energy and mental focus while using Lights On™ help make this diet experience unique!

■ DMX Life Coaches - This is the secret celebrities have known for years! An excellent support system empowers you by offering accurate information and timely encouragement. Although celebrities pay thousands of dollars a month for this type of advice, our program allows you to enjoy the same results when you purchase the system! Access to these super-effective videos can't be purchased separately, so while you might say they're free, they're really priceless!

The DMX Life Coaches' Challenge System offers you support and expertise through video access from 1) A Medical Doctor, 2) A Personal Trainer, 3) Nutritional Coaches, 4) A Personal Development Expert.

■ The system also includes a food journal and is designed specifically to allow you the option to take the challenge with a buddy or a team. Both the journal and they buddy/team factors are proven to help increase weight loss.

■ This program was designed to last 40 days, which surpasses the "change a habit" time line of 21 days, and allows you to truly establish your new lifestyle.

■ The DMX Life Coaches' Challenge System is a truly unique product, combining a multitude of effective weight loss factors, creating synergy that allows you to lose more weight than any single factor alone.

Additionally, although the DMX Life Coaches' Challenge System is the most comprehensive program available without hiring a nutritionist, personal trainer, life coach and scientist who understands how the brain responds to "feel good" chemicals, it is priced affordably. The DMX Life Coaches' Challenge System starts at just under $7 a day.

This incredible program has everything you need to lose weight and feel great! In addition to a meal replacement shake and an appetite control capsule that actually helps improve your mood, this system includes the "celebrity secret" to weight loss: Life Coaches! This program provides video access to the expertise of a medical doctor with expertise in weight loss and nutrition, a personal trainer with additional expertise in nutrition and a personal development specialist to help you maintain determination and motivation.

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